Thursday, 19 April 2012

'How does the extract construct representations of social class?'

Within the extract, the image of the working class has been conveyed through the use of setting, characters and through the actual content of the extract itself.

This shot on the right is a long establishing shot of an outer suburb estate. We can see the little play area for children and also the houses and community in which this play area resides in. This constructs the idea of the working class as these houses are small terraced houses and by the
amount of greenery around houses indicates that this estate is away from the built up areas.

Secondly, by observing this high angle shot of the father on the floor after being hit by one of his children, we instantly think, what kind of parents raised these children? What kind of society have they been brought up in? These show a negative impact on the working class as the children are disrespectful.
After the dad moves/ shuffles, the children run away from him. This high angled shot shows the children running out of the back door into the garden and out onto the street. When looking at the garden itself, it’s very small and cramped. Additionally, there is household rubbish outside and surprisingly a car which i think is broken and not used
    This instantly depicts elements of the working class as they perhaps not are able toafford to dispose of their  car;    also  they are presented to being lazy as they cannot be bothered 
    to get rid of the rubbish in their garden.

Negative representations on the working class may be seen in this shot as it's showing the community burning and most importantly vandalising a car. Members of the community seem to be drinking alcohol, throwing cans at the car. This illustrates   the stereotypical anti-social behaviour of the working class. On the other hand, the reaction of the public to when the police arrive says it all. They do not care they are doing something wrong and are happy doing it

The title of the extract comes when the camera is on the scene of the fire. The title 'Shameless' could perhaps have relation to the family with the disrespectful children and the community on a whole; it maybe puts the point across that they have no shame. 

This shot shows a young man swearing at the police as they arrive. This shows the level of respect he has and also gives us an idea into what social class he is in. This is again stereotypical behaviour; moreover, the people in this shot are wearing ‘chavy’ clothes which portray a negative image on the working class.

Overall, the TV show 'Shameless' reveals negative representations of the working class due to the title itself, the actions they do i.e. burning the car which comes to the attention of the police, and lastly, the setting of which takes place in a small, rough outer suburb estates. However many may argue against this as they feel that the slow music takes away the seriousness of the visuals and also the voiceover which tells the story and describes characters. Additionally, the music is soft which eliminates the seriousness of the visuals, along with a voiceover which describes the characters with fondness, lastly the whole community coming together as one around a fire enjoying themselves could be seen as representation of their friendship and togetherness as a community.

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