Tuesday, 24 April 2012

How is representation of age constructed in this extract?

As the extract commences, we see a long establishing shot of what seems like a pub. The camera then pans down onto two old men probably in their 60’s talking to each other while having a drink. We can instantly see from the mise en scene of their costumes, that they are both in formal wear wearing a suit, shirt and a jumper. This is a stereotypical way to portray the elderly, and also the facial hair of the man on the left is also an indication and representation of age. Secondly, the dialogue between these two also represents age as they are talking about their pensions and talking about spending their money and going to live somewhere else.

After the screen transitions into a long almost birds eye shot of a people including one of the old men looking at a screen with a picture of a man on it. Again age is represented by what they are wearing, the two men on the sofa are both approximately in their late 20’s early 30’s, are casually dressed. Then we see a medium shot of one of the men sitting down, and the way he is sitting on the sofa indicates age as he is lounged back and feet up acting casual, this again is not something a much older person would do. Also we can see that the eyeline between the old man and he people sitting down is not level, he is clearly looking down at them and they are clearly looking up at him, this technique shows a slight hint of age as they look up to him, and the shots of the old man looking down on them shows that he is more dominant and at a higher status to them which all revolves around the main theme of age.

In the beginning at 3 minutes the dialogue represents age as they are taking about computers, cue cards, and how they are new and never used to be there in their times. This is very typical of older people as they usually talk about things that we have now and mentioning that we didn’t have the when i was your age. This is a clear representation of age as the dialogue suggests.

After the other old man calls his daughters employer  ‘a bastard’ the shot transitions into the the formally dressed old man with a remote in his hand having put the image of whom the other man was talking about on the screen. We figure out now that he is some kind of detective wanting to capture that man. The editing shows that he is the potential leader in that investigation, as we assume as him being a leader that he much older. The use of editing particularly, in this section really put the point across of the representation of age.

Overall, i think there are a few elements within this clip that do represent age such as mise en scene, dialogue and camera angles and shots. However, i think that the use of mise en scene is the most protruding in this extract and is the element in which i see occurring the most in the clip.

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