Tuesday, 24 April 2012

How does the extract construct representations of age?

In this extract of skins, age is represented is several different ways by use of dialogue, camera shots etc. Below are mentined of how exactly age is representated.

Firstly, we see the skater as reckless and a dardevil. We see this is the camera work and editing come together when we look at the shot where the skater is on top of the hill, which is clearly densley populated with cars, trucks and pedestrians. We observe a close up of his face, he seems to in concentration about something or decision making, " Should i skate down this hill?" " Could i make it,?" These are the kind of questions that are revolving through his head. Instantly, we then see a pov of him looking down the hill observing the potential dangers and what she going to be up against. Finally, it ends with another close up of his face depicting a smirk, which then indicates that he has made his decision, he will skate down the hill.This sort of dardevil act and way of thinking clearly depicts and represents age as this is sterotypical of young people, perhaps the teenagers.

The soundtrack especially the dialogue shows his rebellion. We see this when we hear him swear after reading his text. This is the very first dialogue that has come from this character, and for that to be his first impression really makes us think that hes a typical teenager. Moreover, when the 3 boys are having thier conversations at the table, one of them says" Its got potential this day, its pregnant." That again is a typical remark a teenager would say. he use of dialogue in this extract demonstartes age.

The skaters steriotypical teenage nature is reinforced by the mise - en - scene in the extract. We can obviously see the cannabis leaf print on his converses and the print on his skateboard. This gives an indication that he perhaps smokes cannabis and deals with illegal drugs. This is also another representation of age and its the younger generation that are into drugs and also displaying signs of it, it also enhances the rebellious nature of him. Additionally, he is wearing casual clothes with not many layers and also wearing a hat, this is all fuses together and represents age along with the factors mentioned above.

We also witness binary oppposites within the extract between the young teenagers and the police man. We first see that the policeman is about to tuck into an icecream, this particular scene brings a slight humour as the policeman is not represented as serious, this perhaps indicates that the audience is placed on the side of the teenagers. Again we see when the skater makes the policeman fall off his bike and resulting in his icescream falling onto his crotch, this again shows the humour side of things and also indicates that the skater doesnt care about whaty the police have to say or even the law. When the skater gets off his skateboard to go meet his freinds, in the same shot but in the background, we see the policeman uncontrollably fall into the garbage truck, again with the humour and again showing that these teenagers do not care about the police, and the way that the camera does not have a seperate shot of the policeman falling into the truck again puts the audience on the side of the teenager.

The editing also playes apart in this when we see the 3 angle slow motion shot of the skater skater over the construction workers in the air. This shows off the skill of the skater and also his rebellion as he is skating where he shouldnt. These shots demonstrate action match as all 3 shots show him at different stages throughout his jump, this again adds to show his rebellion and and skill. The editing has showed that he is taking risks, interms of getting caught by the police, told off by the workers and even being injured in doing so. This is an accurate representation of the younger generation, again the 'daredevil' approach witnessed in this extract.

Overall, the main elements such as camera work, editing, soundtrack etc, have combined and individually portrayed how age is represented in this extract.

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